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Gifts/Souvenirs/Collectibles/Decorations for the home or office/Remembrance

Looking for a unique and elegant gift to give loved ones, friends or colleagues?  Individually handcrafted inside painting items make a lovely gift for a special occasion, business incentive, or as a gift for yourself. What makes this a truly unique gift is that the painting is done on the reverse side of the bottle. Amazingly our Artists paint the inside of the bottle, this is done through a small opening at the top. Each piece is meticulously hand painted by an Artisan and can take anywhere from 1-10 days to complete. Hand painting assure that no two pieces will be the same making each item always unique and special.



How it's done:

Our skilled Artists paint it on the reverse side of the crystal through a 2cm hole at the top of the bottle with a special hooked paintbrush dipped in water and oil colors. This is meticulous work and depending on the subject matter can take anywhere from 1-10 days to complete. See illustrations   More>>.......



What can be painted:

Anything !

There are many themes to choose from (see below) or you can choose your own. Consider having a custom piece painted just for you or to present to a lucky recipient. A portrait of your loved one or beloved pet, your family home or your favorite scenic view. How about an old cherished photo of your parents or grandparents, perhaps their wedding picture? A portrait of a child or grandchild would surely put a smile on any parent or grandparents face. A remembrance piece of a loved one or devoted pet would certainly be a cherished reminder of the joy they brought to your life. Our landscape series feature famous mountains and rivers and our religious series depict beautiful renditions of famous paintings. Our skilled Artists can paint any theme you wish, you're limited only by your imagination.


H. S. Code:   

Lead Crystal ware


What the Material:

1. Crystal Glass (Normal)

2. Crystal


Information of  Artists:

Inner Painting Artists of posted in the  Apollo Artwork: 

Mr. Hou Yanbin; Mr. Liu Jianchao; Ms. Jin Xuemei; Mr. Yan Runfeng; Mr. Ming Feng......

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