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Superb Inside Painting Craft from Apollo Artwork

Snuff bottles with inside painting Catalogue
Purpose: Gifts/Souvenirs/Collectibles/Decorations for the home or office/Remembrance
How it's done: Hand painted in the snuff bottle inner side with a specialized painting hook_brush by skilled artists
What can be painted: Anything! Your favorable pictures (images) are welcome at no additional cost if a similar item exists

More designs of snuff bottles

12Az10-2.jpg (30767 字节)

e_animal14.JPG (54974 字节)

bg011.jpg (17504 字节)

fb030.jpg (42395 字节)

Zodiac snuff bottle

Animal snuff bottle

Antique snuff bottle☼

Birds snuff bottle

ofj001.jpg (21720 字节)

sf003.jpg (18904 字节)

T8 053.jpg (43638 字节)

200104bs4.jpg (51720 字节)

Scenery snuff bottle

Calligraphy snuff bottle☼

Religion snuff bottle

Character snuff bottle

fish8.JPG (23241 字节)

flower4.jpg (44519 字节)

照片 180.jpg (40468 字节)

T8 048.jpg (37929 字节)

Fish snuff bottle☼

Flower snuff bottle☼

Landscape snuff bottle☼

Nude snuff bottle

zgxj-j.jpg (37647 字节)

cy08.jpg (22370 字节)

buddha6.JPG (34583 字节)

ojw006.jpg (21994 字节)

Peking Opera snuff bottle

Carve snuff bottle☼

Buddha snuff bottle☼

Still lifesnuff bottle


snuff bottle
If you have a favorite photo or portrait, I'm sure we can create a
beautiful portrait bottle for you. Commemorate special times and happenings in your life: 
*Marriages *Birthdays *The Birth of a Baby *A Special friend *A Family Occasion *A Schoolmate


snuff bottle
High quality, superb piece were painted by our artists, it can expand your collection. They are limited edition, so they have the potential to increase greatly in value.  
pet.jpg (15392 字节)

snuff bottle
We all love our pets. No matter if you have a beloved dog, cat, bird,
snake, or even a fish. Send us a picture or photo and let us turn your pet
into an ever-lasting memory.

Conventional Bottle

snuff bottle
The conventional crystal bottle special used for initial buyer for market evaluation and development.

Crystal Ball
Used as a decoration for the family home or your office. 
Here again, we can paint any image that you need and write that special description that you desire.


Xmas-011.JPG (46564 字节)
Christmas Decoration

The Christmas snowflakes are coming, people will begin to decorate their Christmas trees. Our beautiful Christmas decorations can be hung on the branches of your Christmas Tree year in and year out. They will also add beauty and charm to your home. 

peking glass001.jpg (54312 字节)
eking Glass
snuff bottle

This is a glass bottle that is made by using two different colors.
the artist cuts away the glass without design using a special tool, leaving only the design and substrate. It will make a beautiful perfume bottle for your wife or girlfriend.

Painted Beads

The glass beads with different size, they can be made some ornament, such as: bracelets, necklace, etc. You can also make other purposes that you wanted. We can paint any design that you request.

Practical of inside painted

practical.jpg (37838 字节)

Perfume Bottlecigarette Setcigarette LighterBrushpot SetStationeryAD Clock
There are many practical purposes for our reverse painted bottles. Our favorite is to use it as a bottle for your fine perfume. There are many more and I am sure you can find a use that will allow you to enjoy the bottle for a lifetime.



Cigarette Set
Integrate with two grooves which one place the cigarette and another with inside painting side cigarette lighter


scent-bottle004.jpg (38948 字节)
Perfume Bottle
A beautiful for your wife or girlfriend. supernatural artwork with practicability. One special made inside painting bottle that filled with perfume was be put into the chamber. Fill with perfume and the painting will not be destroied.
Packed with a paper weight, a painting brush, a inside painting snuff bottle and a seal used material.
8.JPG (46992 字节) Inside painting Clock
Combined a integration of inside painting and clock in Novelty and unique design with a ball pen stock alongwith a ball-point pen.
Caddy (tea box)
A small container, such as a box, used especially for holding tea and with the inside painting for any theme.
Set of study box3.jpg (44459 字节) Brushpot Set
Inside painting brushpot along with painting brush.


Inside painting paperweight,  We can paint any design that you request.


Cigarette Lighter
Inside painting ball embedded with a cigarette lighter from it's upper which can be charged with gas.

Home Decorations

Brush Pot

Pencil Holder with inside painting, a kind of new practical product integrated unique hand reverse painting skills with traditional pencil Holder, the part of inside painting can not be destroyed.

Bone Carve
This kind of bottle is carved from cattle bone. They are not carved
from ivory or any protected animal bone. Some of them may look like an ivory carved product, but are made by the carver with colored pigment.

Decorations for the family home or perhaps your office.
We can paint any image that you need and write that special description that you want. We can also machine any design or shape that you may desire. 

Painting & Calligraphy
Decorations for the family home or office walls. Here again, we can paint any image that you need and write that special description that you desire. We can also machine it to any size that you may desire.