Apollo Artwor

Superb Inside Painting Craft from Apollo Artwork

Purpose: Gifts/Souvenirs/Collectibles/Decorations for the home or office/Remembrance
What can be painted: Anything! Your favorable pictures (images) are welcome at no additional cost if a similar item exists
How it's done: Hand painted in the snuff bottle inner side with a specialized painting hook_brush by skilled artists

More design of Inside painting snuff bottles
Catalogue including: zodiac snuff bottle, animal snuff bottle, antique snuff bottle, birds snuff bottle, scenery snuff bottle, calligraphy snuff bottle, religion snuff bottle, character snuff bottle, Fish snuff bottle, flower snuff bottle, landscape snuff bottle, nude snuff bottle, peking opera snuff bottle, carving snuff bottle, buddha snuff bottle, still life snuff bottle, portrait snuff bottle, collection snuff bottle, pet snuff bottle, conventional snuff bottle.

Home and holiday's decorations
Catalogue including:
inside painting home's vase, inside painting Christmas ornament ball, inside painting home's crystal ball, Chinese painting and calligraphy, inside painting candle holder, inside painting bead, inside painting bracelet, inside painting brush holder, inside painting caddy,  inside painting perfume bottle, inside painting cigarette set, inside painting tea set, inside painting cigarette lighter, inside painting paperweight,

Home and holiday's Utility Model Patent decorations
Utility Model Patent  decoration, so it makes these products not only has the value of collection, but also has the utility. Such as: inside painting Christmas ornaments, candle holder, Pendant, Necklace, paperweight.

Custom snuff Bottles & artwork by customer
We can also paint other design and logo for customer.

Enamel color snuff bottle