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Snuff bottles with inside painting Catalogue

There are many kinds of themes for the snuff bottles, including the western oil-painting, drawing,  watercolor, the eastern Chinese painting, calligraphy, the year-painting, etc. Themes: The Bible story, still life, scenery, nude, portrait, the married photo, the photo for graduation, the photo for birthday, the historical character, the modern character, the famous character, the beauty, the immortal,  hundred children, the Zodiac, Peking Opera , landscape,  the famous places,  flowers, birds, animals, pet, fish, all sorts of style calligraphy, fruit & vegetable, etc. We listed some works for the snuff bottles as following, you can visit them, we sincere hope they can give you a nice share for the art. If you provide the design, we guarantee we can paint it perfectly, and hope you are satisfied with them.

12Az10-2.jpg (30767 字节)

e_animal14.JPG (54974 字节)

bg011.jpg (17504 字节)

fb030.jpg (42395 字节)

Zodiac snuff bottle

Animal snuff bottle

Antique snuff bottle☼

Birds snuff bottle

ofj001.jpg (21720 字节)

buddha6.JPG (34583 字节)

T8 053.jpg (43638 字节)

200104bs4.jpg (51720 字节)

Scenery snuff bottle

Buddha snuff bottle☼

Religion snuff bottle

Character snuff bottle

fish8.JPG (23241 字节)

flower4.jpg (44519 字节)

照片 180.jpg (40468 字节)

ojw006.jpg (21994 字节)

Fish snuff bottle☼

Flower snuff bottle☼

Landscape snuff bottle☼

Still life snuff bottle

zgxj-j.jpg (37647 字节)




Peking Opera snuff bottle


snuff bottle
If you have a favorite photo or portrait, I'm sure we can create a
beautiful portrait bottle for you. Commemorate special times and happenings in your life: 
*Marriages *Birthdays *The Birth of a Baby *A Special friend *A Family Occasion *A Schoolmate


snuff bottle
High quality, superb piece were painted by our artists, it can expand your collection. They are limited edition, so they have the potential to increase greatly in value.  
pet.jpg (15392 字节)

snuff bottle
We all love our pets. No matter if you have a beloved dog, cat, bird,
snake, or even a fish. Send us a picture or photo and let us turn your pet
into an ever-lasting memory.

Conventional Bottle

snuff bottle
The conventional crystal bottle special used for initial buyer for market evaluation and development.